Furyoku ("Power to float"), a creatively led independent advertising agency, was founded in Tokyo by  Yoko a.k.a. Tuyu Kawacc in 2005. Furyoku connects domestic and international clients to Japan by sharing a rare market viewport and crafting art directions spliced with no more than a perfect international edge.
Yoko powers Furyoku from a vantage of 25 years in fashion execution as Art Director and Creative Director of ad firm darlings large and small, from LA, to London, to New York. 
Yoko and Furyoku have delivered signature projects for ABSOLUT VODKA, AIRWALK, bebe, Boucheron, BRITVIC, California Avocado, COURVOISIER, Cunard, Dior, Fast Retailing (Uniqlo, UT, GU, CABIN), Honda, IKEA, LA Kings, LVHM, MITSUKOSHI-ISETAN, NIKE, POLA, Rossignol, Samsonite, Sense of Place by Urban Research, Shiseido, SUZUKI, TASAKI, TOMMY HILFIGER etc.
Yoko is a native of Osaka and an advertising graduate of Art Center college of Design, Pasadena.
Yuka Honaga, who joined Furyoku in 2017, is now a creative partner. 



Louis Vuitton The Book: Story アートディレクション/記事編集、Comptoir des Cotonniers Web magazine:アートディレクション/記事編集、POLA Web magazine: デザイン、AHKAH Web:キャンペーン・アートディレクション等、これまでにABSOLUT VODKA, AIRWALK, bebe, Boucheron, BRITVIC, California Avocado, COURVOISIER, Cunard, Dior, Fast Retailing (Uniqlo, UT, GU, CABIN), Honda, IKEA, LA Kings, MITSUKOSHI-ISETAN, NIKE, Rossignol, Samsonite, Sense of Place by Urban Research, SUZUKI, TASAKI, TOMMY HILFIGER等、ブランドのための広告クリエイティブディレクションを仕事の軸としてきた。